Your Flight to Net Zero

Decarbonization software tailored to the aviation industry

We process up to one million flights per day to analyze the CO2, non-CO2, and lifecycle impact of commercial aircraft flights.

Flight positions, weather, aircraft ownership, and passenger load factors are integrated into our pipeline to produce the most comprehensive environmental impact dataset for the aviation industry.
We measure the climate impact of aviation
We simulate decarbonization levers : next-gen aircraft, hydrogen, SAF...
We reduce the environmental impact of aviation by enabling clients in taking the best sustainability decisions

Our Software


World coverage of all flights, aircraft, and routes with full lifecycle impact metrics
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Future impact modeling and scenario planning with our simulation software
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Our Clients

"The model is far broader than basic CO2 calculators which derive emissions based on fuel burn alone."

– Nordic Aviation Capital


■ Understand persistent contrail impact
■ Comply with EU-ETS and CORSIA
■ Build a quantitative decarbonization strategy

Aircraft Lessors

■ Measure your scope 3  
■ Prepare ESG disclosure for lenders
■ Embed impact data in your risk models

Aviation Investors

■ Finance proven climate performance
■ Use analytical sustainability criteria
■ Embed impact data in your risk models

Carbon Analytics Firms

■ Integrate contrail formation into your data
■ Include aircraft lifecycle considerations in your analysis
■ Become a subject matter expert on aviation

Our Partners

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