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Finance aviation sustainably

Monitor portfolio climate impact

■ Absolute and intensity emissions

■ Coverage of any MSN, airline or lessor portfolio

■ Traffic values in RPK or RTK that consider load factors and belly cargo

■ Based on real aircraft trajectories (no Great Circle Distance average)

■ Anticipate non-CO2 regulation with Contrail & NOx monitoring
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"The model is far broader than basic CO2 calculators which derive emissions based on fuel burn alone."

- Nordic Aviation Capital

Project portfolio to 2050

■ Track alignment with Net Zero roadmaps such as MPP or IEA

■ Simulate new aircraft types, Sustainable Aviation Fuel uptakes and load factor improvements

■ Build article 8 aviation funds backed with quantitative sustainability arguments
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Reduce sustainability risk

■ Finance the most sustainable aircraft

■ Define financial policies related to sustainability

■ Embed sustainability liabilities in airline credit risk models

■ Comply with net-zero standards
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