Turboprops vs jets

■ Estuaire worked with KPMG in Ireland to compare the climate impact of various aircraft types.

■ The study highlights the relatively low contrail generation of turboprops and the high correlation between contrail formation and engine soot particles.
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Estuaire becomes a Solar Impulse efficient solution

■ Following a careful due-diligence process, Estuaire now stands among 1500+ solutions fighting against anthropogenic climate change.

■ The label echoes a strong synergy between Estuaire and the original Solar Impulse aircraft that flew around the world using solar energy.
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Virgin Atlantic flies with 100% SAF

■ Last November, Virgin Atlantic flew a Boeing 787 from London to New York using 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

■ Were the carbon emissions neutral? We take a deep look at the global environmental impact of this demonstration.
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Estuaire welcome's a new advisor

■ We are proud to welcome the former IATA and Air France CEO, Alexandre de Juniac, as Estuaire's advisor.

■ During his visit to our Paris office, we discussed the quality of carbon credits, the ramp up of SAF, and sustainable developments in the Middle East.
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Estuaire enters the ESA BIC network

■ The European Space Agency Business incubator program welcomes Estuaire.

■ We plan to strengthen our space based derivatives, enhancing our aviation coverage and contrail modeling tech.
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Estuaire Customer NAC Announces 2022 Inaugural ESG Report

■ Nordic Aviation Capital

■ March 23, 2023
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Aviation Sector Pushes EU for Green Investment Status

■ Financial Times

■ February 23, 2023
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